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National Park Prokletije

Rich vegetation , long traditions, rare animals – enjoy Europe’s most untouched mountain landscape.
Flowers, fauna, fabulous Prokletije


Montenegro’s youngest national park was founded in 2009 and covers an area of 16.630 hectares . The national park Prokletije lies in the border regions of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

The unique alpine ecological system, the wide reaching landscapes and the variety of inshore waters are the characteristics of this Park. In the Nature Reserve Hridskso Lake and Volusnica it is possible to enjoy wonderful views of this variable mountain landscape.

Let yourself be caught up in the charm of this unique region.Explore caves with ancient paintings, look down into deep gorges with secret waterfalls, and countless glacial lakes whilst becoming one with this countryside.

Pick the fresh wild blueberries, enjoy the view of the snowcapped peaks of the National Park and feel the strength of nature. Explore the sights, first and foremost the typical houses of this region that were built in the midst of this isolated countryside. Enjoy the great variety of fauna .There are at least 1700 different sort of plants and 161 birds that have been recorded. Bears , lynx, and wolves which are extinct elsewhere live here peacefully in accordance with nature. If you are lucky you will catch a glimpse of one of these varieties to take home in your heart.

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