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Prokletije Mountains (Bjeshkët e Nemuna)

Follow the calling of the accursed mountains
Feel the spirit of Prokletije

Prokletije-Gebirge-kleinImpressive, wonderful, mystical … That is Prokletije, the awe-inspiring extent of the mountains that stretch along the east side of Montenegro, the west of Kosovo and northen Albania is of an unexpected size and uniqueness that is difficult to put into words.

Bjeshket e Nemuna (cursed mountains), which is what the mountains of the south east Dinaride are known as, spread over an area of 3600 km².

The formation is the least developed and untouched natural treasures in Europe. There are a great variety of possibilities to explore the Prokletije and discover the spirit of the mountains using the Triangle Woodhouse as a base. Plan your route,climb to the top of the highest peaks of the Prokletije and enjoy the fantastic views. Ascend the Jezerca (2694m) the highest peak of the Dinarides or climb Gjeravica (2656m) the biggest rock formation in Kosovo or Zla Kolata (2534m) the highest mountain in Kosovo.

The famous „Peaks of the Balkans Trail „ which covers about 200km through Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo and passes directly by the Triangle Woodhouse, brings you to the most unknown and isolated areas in Europe that will amaze you .

In the mountains of Prokletije you come very close to nature. Explore on steep rugged pathways surrounded by the steep crags of Bjeshket e Nemuna. Walk along the side of luscious mountain pastures through beautiful valleys accompanied by clear mountain streams that silently wind their way through the countryside. Country lovers, hikers and adventurers all find their pleasure here. Green valleys, extensive pine forests, hidden waterfalls, and solitude are what make our mountain area so unique and give you the feeling that time has stopped. Absorb the breath-stopping nature, discover rare plants and wild herbs, swim in crystal clear lakes, and learn the traditions of the countries. Reach snow covered mountain peaks, breathe cool mountain air and experience an exclusive unforgettable holiday. Experience for yourself the cordiality and hospitality of the people here, the solitude of the mountain and collect memories for your soul in the magical world of Prokletije.

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