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Warm summers, cool breezes , deep snow … the variety of Prokletije

The variety of Prokletije is also mirrored in the climate which is dependent on the region you visit. Near to the Adriatic Coast is is mediterranean whereas to the east it is more continental.

Our region is influenced by a damp low mountain climate and above 1300m it is alpine climate .

Here you will have hot summer days where you can cool off in one of the many lakes or springs. Or climb one of the many mountains and feel the cool mountain breeze in your face whilst enjoying the view with all your senses. Relax on one of the many pastures and let your mind come to rest breathing in the scent of the wild herbs around you.

You feel like a walk in snow? Here Prokletije is ideal. In average there are 2 meters of snow in the winter some places more. The majority falls during the cold season and there have been know up to 3,5 meters of snow .

Some Albanian villages are cut off completely in winter.

Visit the Triangle Woodhouse between May and October and enjoy the warmth of the sun here. Temperatures up to 28 degrees C° and pleasant warm weather make your stay enjoyable. Fast gathering clouds can cause sudden rain showers that disappear as quickly as they appeared.

In winter it is possible to participate in winter sport activities from the end of October until the end of April .


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