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Hridsko Jezero (Liqeni i Hridit)

Bathe in the lake of happiness with the scent of pine trees, peaceful nature and bleached wood.

Hridsko-Jezero-kleinThe lake of happiness, as the Hrid jezero is named, is at 1970m and is the highest lake of Prokletijes and Montenegro. It lies on the northwestern side of the Prokletije Mountain Range and is 300m long and is in summer about 5m deep. The lake is surrounded by the craggy mountain peaks of Hridski Krs (2358m) and Krs Bogicevica (2374m).

It lies about 6km from the Triangle Woodhouse and you can take a wonderfully refreshing swim there in July and August.

Lake Hrid is set in a spectacular landscape that is marked for its high pine trees, bleached tree trunks and interesting rock formations. Bedded in the intensive scent of the pine trees ,nature lovers and those looking for peace and quiet, can find a place to relax and dream. Near to Lake Hrid you can find a valley with lush green meadows inviting you to relax. Here you can enjoy the sunshine and refreshment from one of the many springs whose fresh pure water you can drink. Legend has it that Hrid Lake was made by the Gods. It was a hidden bathing place for fairies where they could bathe, unseen by humans. In albanien speaking areas it is still known as the Fairy Lake (Liqeni i Zanave). There is no road to Hrid Lake, access s only possible by way of the well signed pathway. As it is not reachable by car it offers an exclusive natural experience. You are far away from the noise and smell of traffic, in pure countryside with the scent of pine trees and a breathtaking view. If you believe the stories of the locals then after a swim in the lake Hrid you have health and happiness in your marriage.

Throw a coin or piece of jewelry into the lake and have a wish – maybe it will soon come true!

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