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Zla Kolata

Set off up the highest mountain in Montenegro.
Hike along deserted pathways towards the sky.

Prokletije-kleinThe Zla Kolata is 2534m high and is about 35km from the Triangle Woodhouse.

You can start your hike to the highest mountain in Montenegro directly from our holiday house. Gusinje is at the foot of the mountain on the montenegran side and is an important starting point for the climb.

The name of the peak translates as „bad Kolata“ but where the word Kolata originated is unclear. it could have a connection to the word Kolac ( = pile,heap ) meaning „bad heap“, maybe due to the bleak rocky nature of the terrain that some mountain climbers found a challenge.

The whole tour takes about 11 hours from Gusinje and goes through a lot of almost impassable terrain which demands a good sense of direction and orienteering.

The peak of Zla Kolata awards an impressive view of the Prokletijes Mountain range and you soon forget all the toil when reach the top.

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